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Monday, August 11, 2008

4:17PM - Guess Who?

Josh Lucas pt. 1
Josh Lucas pt. 1,
originally uploaded by IMAPrincessnyc.
Who is that masked man? No it's not the Lone Ranger.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

7:36PM - I'm a Star!

Well at least I look like one. LOL!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

4:29PM - Complexions Promo Video

Isn't dance amazing!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

11:43AM - Theater People Rock!

Because I'm Henrietta Hustle, and I'm always working to supplement my income with side gigs. It should be no surprise that I'm going to run into people I know, no matter what borough that I'm in, in the tri-state area.

Last night, I had the pleasure of working at a wedding that had former cast members from Jekyll & Hyde and Scarlet Pimprenel and current cast members from Mama Mia. James Van Turen, Martin Van Turen, Corine Melacon & Brad Oscar were all at my table. It was great seeing Brad Oscar again. During cocktail hour, he mention that Jekyll & Hyde were a great window in our lives. And I agree. It was one of my all time great theater experiences!

There were many cast members from Mama Mia there and I couldn't even begin to name them all. Sherri, the company manager was there and happy to see me. It was one of the best events that I worked. I felt like to went to the theater.

Current mood: tired

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

12:07PM - The End of the Year is Here Already!

It's very hard to believe that the end of another year has arrived and we are knocking on the door of 2005.
When I reflect back on this year, I feel that I've do so much and yet have not done much at all. I think about all I've done and my head starts to spin, however, I sit here thinking that I could have done more.
So, I guess I'll focus on the good things.

My Study Abroad Trip to the Netherlands and Germany. The experience was wonderful. It took me out of my comfort zone in many ways and even at this age, it has help me mature and grow as a person.

My Real Vacation to Seattle, Washington. I had so much fun. The main goal of the trip was to see Prince in concert and the concerts (I went on both nights) was awesome! It's was the best Prince concerts that I had been to in years. In addition to the concerts, I went to Mt. Rainer, visited Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island and see the show Hedwig and the Angry Inch again! I spent five days in Seattle but I must have done two weeks worth of sightseeing. I had a blast and hope I can return to Seattle again soon.

Prince! It's been a Prince year! It started at the beginning of the year by seeing His Royal Badness in concert, at Club Black after his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. The release of his Musicology album, a month later, to seeing him perform at MSG, and Continental Airlines Arena.

There were much more things that I did this year, of course. But, the three I mentioned were the highlights for me.

I'm excited to begin a new year, and I am looking forward to what 2005 holds for me (the good and the bad (hopefully not a lot of bad).

Friday, November 21, 2003

5:24PM - I don't gossip....I just say what I hear.

Well,I didn't hear it but I experienced it. It's been a while since I posted and figured that I'll come back with a bang.

Last night, through the generosity of Prof. Rocamora and the Rita & Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing (yes, there's an addition to my department's name) I attended Caroline, or Change.,at The Public Theater. What I have to say about the show are that there's a strong exceptionally talented cast. Tonya Pinkins plays the lead. Chuck Cooper, Marva Hicks, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Adriane Lenox, Anika Noni Rose, Veanne Cox AND Capathia Jenkins, in the cast create one of the strongest casts I've seen in a musical in a while! Tony Kushner author of Angles and America and most recently Homeboy/Kabul wrote the lyrics and Jeanine Tesoi the composer, who also composed the music for Thoroughly Modern Millie composed the music. And George C. Wolf directed the musical. So, the musical not only has a strong performing cast but a strong creative cast.

BUT, that's was not the highlight.

I don't know where to begin so, I will start my saying that in the lobby waiting for the house to open, I started admiring a woman's Louis Vuitton bag. (In case you are interested, it's the same one in the J-LO ads that she's holding as she sitting on the back of the male model). And I will admit that I had bag envy. The woman also had on a nice suede fur-trimmed caramel colored full-length coat. So, I could tell she was well put together and had $$$$$. At the time, the woman's back is to me and I couldn't see her face. I don't think anything of it, would you? I turn around and speak to a few of the students from the department. I turn back around to find out that woman was Angela Bassett.. Soon after I noticed Angela Bassett, I recognized across the lobby Obba Babatunde, the name may not be familiar but, if you saw him you would definitely know him. He's done lots of movies including Miss Evers Boys and he's currently on the UPN sitcom Half and Half. After noticing Mr. Babatunde, then I saw Wren T. Brown from the Whoppi show.

Before the show began, while in my seat I noticed that Angela Bassett and her husband Courtney B. Vance, currently on Law & Order, sat, in the row behind me. A few seats down from them was Janet Hubert Whitten, her most famous role was the mother (the first mother) on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The cherry on top was a few minutes later a woman walks in and sits the seat in front of me, it's Maggie Gyllenhaal. WHEW!!!! I was officially in celebrity overload.

Tonight due to the generosity of BC/EFA and Keith, I'm going to see Retreat From Moscow, I'm looking forward to seeing the show.

Current mood: tired

Thursday, July 24, 2003

1:52PM - My Favorites : A SALE & Reality TV

Yesterday, on my way to the bank, I passed by the The Gap to check on the silk skirt that I had on watch. About two weeks ago, it went on sale for $29.99 but, I took a chance and waited.
Well, it's lucky for me, it was only $12.99. YAY!!!!!! Also, I picked up two pairs of pants and they fit me well. Cause lately, I hate the way my hips look in some pants. So, I lucked out. Usually, I don't like waiting too long because, the size that I need (that I won't reveal here)usually, is never available. What a joy it is to see my size and even greater joy to see my size on SALE!!! The shopping goddess smiled down on me yesterday.

Very excited that Douglas Sills is going to be in Little Shop of Horrors Happy that he's making it back to Broadway. Haven't decided if I'm going to catch the first night of previews or not.

Summer has not left any short supply of reality television programming. Even the professed reality tv lover wonders when it's going to end. It's starting to get a little overwhelming.

Big Brother 4: I got wrapped up in it last week and tuned in last night to see who would get evicted. Michelle was evicted last night. And I felt bad for her she was very upset and shocked. Unfortunately, it's the stuff that makes wonderful television. During her interview after her eviction it was clear that she felt truly betrayed by those in the household that told her she was just a pawn and had nothing to worry about. Dana's the next head of household and that's going to be interesting because she's not liked by anyone.
This is how it all begins, Of course, I'm going to tune in for the next few episodes to see how it plays out.

Paradise Hotel Very embarrassed to admit that I got wrapped up in this show. Tuesday's show was surprising with Amanda "forced to check out of Paradise forever". Charla, Tara (the new girl) and Amanda were making a pact/alliance so that Amanda wouldn't get assed-out. Tara was responsible for Amanda's demise. They got me I didn't see that one coming at all!

Aida's got another Toni and I'm getting to see her tonight. I'm looking forward to it. I'm curious to see her in the role, they've been running the commercial on WBLS like crazy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

10:43AM - It's been a while

Does it sometimes seems like there's soooo much to do and not enough time to do it? My Internship is working out well. I've been contacting local banks to investigate funding for CenterStage Community Playhouse in the Bronx. The cool thing about my Internship is that I get to "think globally and act locally." Is that how the saying goes?

I've seen Heather Headley at BB Kings on July 7th. Happy that I went but, it was labor intensive. I was standing from the time I arrived until the end of the show. It wouldn't have been so bad had I not taken Tap class before I went to the show. OUCH! I think I'm still recovering.

Visited an old friend a few weeks ago. Who? Macy's, unexpectedly caught a wonderful one day sale. Literally, each floor I went on I brought something. By the time, I made it to the thrid floor, I made an executive decision to abort my mission. Couldn't do too much damage to my Macy's card. After all, I have to pay it all back. The irony of the situation was that I went into Macy's becasue I had to used the facilities.

Saw Our Lady of 121st St. compliments of NYU. The show received good reviews and friends of mine loved the show. I liked it but wouldn't say that I loved it.

I did see an excellent Off, Off, Off, Off Broadway show at the Shooting Star Theater titled Welcome Home Marion Anderson. It was a two person show and it was awesome! The two actors were multi-talented. I'm happy my friend invited me.
It was a wondeful ending to the day. When we met up, she didn't bring the flyer so, she didn't know exactly where the theater was. She remember the street. Of course, no one in the area knew where Peck Slip street was and we walked towards South Street Seaport. Finially we lucked out and she asked a passer-by that directed us in the right directon. We found the street but didn't have the address to the theater. Luckly it was a short street and we walked up and down until we asked a woman sitting outside where the theater was. She was the Executive Director and was sitting outside to inform everyone that the show was moved to 7PM instead of 5PM because one of the actors had a prior commitment. Well, I wanted to bolt but, I stuck it out and I'm glad I did the show was worth the wait.

Last Saturday, I went to my friend's wedding in Long Island, my third this year. It was fun and I had a blast. Now, I think I may start boycotting weddings because, I'm getting, "so, you're next?" It happened at two of the three weddings that I attended.

This week, I'm taking it easy. I need the rest.

Current mood: calm

Monday, June 30, 2003

11:51AM - So Much Has Happend and Yet Nothing At All

I've seen quite a bit of plays lately. I'm happy I got to check out Rain Dance last week. My favorite actor Randolph Mantooh was it it. Who did you think I was going to say?! I loved Randy Mantooh in Loving and Emergency so seeing him live on stage was a treat. Mr. Dawson's Creek really needs to, how shall I say this, get more acting lessons or seriously consider an alternative career not every performing in the public again. The story itself was a little unfocused or maybe I just didn't get it. So, I didn't enjoy it they way I thought I would because I really found the premise interesting.

Saw The Last Sunday In June twice and enjoyed the show and the message that it had. Too bad that it's closing on July 6th. It's a very engaging play with well developed characters and it isn't "Another Gay Play." It's truly a story about relationships, love and sex.

Trooped to The Flea theater to see Getting Into Heaven with Polly Draper from thirtysomething. I enjoyed the show and how television screens were utilized to set the scenes.

Went to the Wizard of Oz Sing A Long at the Gershwin and had a blast. After all when would I get an opportunity to sing along with one of my favorite musicals with out getting scornful looks from my fellow theater patrons. LOL!

I'm pretty behind on my movies. The last movie I saw was Finding Nemo and I liked it. Thought that I would be bored about Pixiar studios has done it again. I'm impressed my the movies that have created.

Lastly, I missed the BET awards last week. I feel so out of touched. Don't let my peoples know, they may repossess my "ghetto card." I think I can redeem myself, the "Essence Awards" is going to air soon. If I catch that I'll be set.

Here's to another week, thank goodness it's a short one!

Current mood: calm

Thursday, May 22, 2003

1:49PM - My Reality TV Wrap-Up

Classes are over but, they didn't keep me from indulging in my reality T.V. feast. My reality T.V. wrap may not be as witty as VHI's show but, warning, it may be a little bitchy.

Road Rules/Real World Challenge:

I really enjoyed this season. It had a little bit of drama, excitement and some conflict. Ruthie impressed me the most. I was surprised that Rachel made it to the final three. It was sad that the women lost but, they did have good moments.

The Bachelor:

Even though I ended up watching the final rose ceremony (by accident); I passed on this installment of the Bachelor. The thought of watching Andrew Firestone look for love wasn't very appealing to me. He's not "real" people. Loved his sister's comment on the final episode, "we are a family that has a strong work ethic." Of course, you are getting up to go to work AND work because you want to not because you have to! Gimme me a break! I'd have a strong work ethic too if I were heir to a multi-million or billion empire. You know what I mean?!

Kudos to the producers for picking Bob for the next Bachelor. I'm looking forward to it. He's someone that I would be happy to see find the "love of his life."

Sorority Life:

This second installment isn't as good as the first. With the exception of American Idol, what sequel is just as good or better than the first? These batch of pledges are all over the place. There's no unity. At least last years' Sigma pledges were unified in partying. Also, they seem dry and bland. I know people who went to University of Buffalo there's way more action happening on that campus than we are seeing. But, I will say maybe it's the editing of the show? I think.....I hope?

Fraternity Life:

You know MTV you should leave a good thing alone? Sorority Life, fine. The fraternity life batch of pledges are trifling, and not in an entertaining way. If those pledges were with the fraternities that I'm familiar with they would have been dropped long time ago. I just trained to become a sweetheart to the fraternity that I belong to and did twice as much as those pledges. Of course, do to the beauty of editing and TV I'm sure there's a lot we are not seeing. However, based on what I'm seeing, they got it made in the shade.

Hey MTV, if in the interest of keeping things fair and wanting to include men and women instead of having separate shows why not one show? Call it Greek Life then you can include men and women.


I passed on this season and only watched the last two episodes.
Hopefully, I'll be able to watch next season, I'm expecting a lighter school work load or I'm hoping for a lighter school work load.

American Idol:

I'm happy with the results. This season got very exciting as it got closer to the end and it became a true competition. I hope for the best for Ruben but, I must admit that I'm worried that he'll have to sign his life away to AI. Hopefully, it will be a wonderful spring board for him and his career. Let's face it Clay didn't win but, I'm sure he's going to have a lot of opportunities to choose from. Kimberley, Clay and Ruben are extremely talented and I'm sure this is not the last we will see of them.
By the way, what happened to Joshua Gracin last night? Was he there and I didn't notice?

"I've said too much...there's nothing more I can think of to say to you. Just look at me to know that every word is true."

Sorry just had to conclude with a Musical Theater reference.

Current mood: bitchy

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

4:02PM - Frenchie Davis in RENT - Cool!

I just read that Frenchie Davis is supposed to be in RENT. (I know I may be late with this information. Hey, I'm just coming out of my school haze.) If so, that's wonderful. I may have to break down and purchase a ticket to see her. How wonderful her voice must sound live in a theater.

Good for her!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

2:46PM - I Would Really Lose My Head If It Wasn't Attached.

Classes are coming to an end and I am happy. I do acknowledge that no one made me go to school and I'm not complaining but, I am relieved that I will have some of my time freed up.

On Saturday, my group and I worked on our project from 2:00 P.M. until 8:15 P.M., at the office of one of the members of our group. We accomplished a lot however, it was a loooong meeting. I gather my things up to leave and a few of us go out to eat.

On Sunday, I figured that I would work on my final project that due tomorrow. The document that I need was on the disk that I was using on Saturday.

Pay attention cause this is where it gets good.

I didn't have the disk. I flipped through the pages of my notebook. I emptied my back pack. So, I concluded that I left it at the office of my fellow group member. A little disappointed and worried, I realized that I would have time to work on my paper even though I couldn't work on it on Sunday.

Being resourceful, I emailed the members of my group, some of them are in the same class (my other class, Planning&Finance),and requested to send me the document. They did. But, I desired to work on my document that I saved and made minor modifications prior, that I couldn't remember on Sunday.

On Monday, my fellow group member contacted me and told me that he couldn't find the disk and would continue looking.

I thought let me look thorough my stuff again. It wouldn't hurt. I looked in my bag and in between the pages of my journal there was my disk.

I had my disk all along.

Current mood: busy

Sunday, April 6, 2003

5:02PM - Tidbits - Part I

So much has happened and yet nothing at all.
Since I last wrote, I've seen a bevy of movies and shows. Let's break it down as they say in the hood!


The Play What I Wrote saw that and the special mystery guest was Kevin Kline. The show as silly and I like that type of slapstick humor. I enjoyed it.
Even had the pleasure of sitting next to one of the producers. I only know that much because the ushers freaked during intermission when someone sat in his seat.

Urban Cowboy After thinking that I had to cut my losses, I got the opportunity to see the show. You may want to sit down for this but, I enjoyed the show. I went with an open mind, however, I was sure that someone like me would not enjoy it. I thought it would be painful to sit through. However, I enjoyed it. It's isn't a perfect musical. But, show me a perfect a musical and I'll show you my shocked expression.

Zanna! Don'tI enjoyed the show the most. Loved the colorful costumes and set. Jai Rodriquez was in his element. He has a great voice and stage presence. Loved the commentary that the show raised about society and homosexuals. The music styles of music covered all genres from pop, to country, to techno, to musical theater.

Jesus Christ superstar in Philadelphia. I got to see Sebastian Bach in JCS. Vocally, he was fine and I knew he would kick ass with the song Gethsemane . Acting wise, well he's Sebastian Bach so, expectations should be realistic.
Luckily I saw him when I did.

Friday, March 14, 2003

10:43PM - Things All Work Out

I had scheduled to see "The Play What I Wrote," for the matinee on Saturday. On Friday, I received an email from NYU informing me that they had overbooked and there was a slight chance that we would not be accommodated. NYU ticket central gave us (all that signed up) additional dates to reschedule. So, I opted to reschedule to March 29th for the matinee. That's freed up my Saturday.

Now, on Saturday, I can go to a dance workshop at LaGuardia High School. I can't wait. I can go earlier than I had originally anticipated. I'm looking forward to it. I probably will not get an opportunity to participate however, I will get to observe the Dunham technique and possibly see Katherine Dunham in action.

On Friday evening, I had dinner with my friend Narda, from Hunter College days. We went to the Lemongras Grill then went to Starbucks for some dessert. I had the most scrumptious, delicious, tasting chocolate cake ever. Now, let me inform you that I normally do not like chocolate cake. But, I can say that I liked Starbucks chocolate cake. YUM!!!!

Then after Starbucks it was off to collect at Phantom.

Tomorrow, it's Def Poetry Jam for the matinee and Mama Mia for the evening.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

2:46PM - Irony and NYU isn't all bad

During the thirteen pledge drives, in March, December and sometimes in August I'm a pledge volunteer. The first few times that I went to do my civic duty at thirteen I set my VCR in hopes that I would've been received one or two close-ups and camera time. However, the few times taped I did not receive much camera time or any close-ups. You see where this is going?! On Tuesday, I volunteered and of course, I got camera time a few times. I think I was one of the first volunteers that was filmed. Oh well. All isn't lost. One of the professors here at work saw me on tv and told me.

Kudos to NYU!!!! As a result of being a staff/student at NYU I'm getting to see The Play What I Wrote on Saturday and Nine's dress rehearsal next week Thursday. So, I'll say it...NYU isn't all bad.

Unexpected developments: Thanks to PBP I'm seeing Man of La Mancha tonite. I'm looking forward to it. I was privileged to attend a reception honoring African American performers, in February, at C. Virgina Fields, the Borough President's Office. At that presentation, Brian Stokes Mitchell sung The Impossible Dream. Since hearing him that evening, I became inspired to see the show. Hope he's going to be there tonight.

Update: I did not finish the book The Lovely Bones that's due back to the NYP Library today. I've decided that I would keep it until Saturday, when I'll be in the city doing collections and hopefully, I would have finished it by then. If not, I put a request in at NYU Library for it. So, I'll be able to take the book out from NYU. It's a good book just didn't have the time I thought I would have to read it

Current mood: calm

Friday, March 7, 2003

2:00PM - One Week Only

Before I went to the BC/EFA volunteer orientation, I passed by the NY Public Library, Midtown Branch to pick up "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. I had passed by the Midtown Branch one or twice soon after the book came out but, they didn't not have it. As luck would have it, I found it on the cart of books to be placed back on the shelf. I also picked up "The Real World" Chicago, book. I have to return "The Lovely Bones," on March 13th. I have exactly one week to read it. YIKES!!! Usually, I don't undertake reading anything additional during the semester, but, I wanted to read this book. We'll see if I make it.

Also, I picked up and brochure of events, for adults and young adults, for the month of March at various branches of The New York Public Libraries in all five boroughs. One event caught my eye.

Tuesday, March 25th at 6PM at the Donnell Library Center

Songbook: New Broadway music performed by composers, lyricists, and Broadway singers. Directed by John Znidarsic.

Tickets will be given out 1 hour to the program on a first-come, first-served basis. There's not further information about it. Don't know who's performing. However, it's free....and that's my favorite price.

The address for the Donnell Library Center is 20 West 53rd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues).

I'm planning on going on March 25th. I'm curious.

Tonight, I'm supposed to see Urban Cowboy I realize that there is a musician strike, don't know if the performance of the show will be postponed or not.

Alton and Irulan end up together. I'm sure after this week's episode, I'm not saying anything that isn't shown. However, I read in US magazine, last month, that they are living together. I think they are living in LA can't remember. All I remember is that they are living together.
I guess "dirty birds" make good pets. HA HA!

Current mood: calm

Thursday, February 13, 2003

4:07PM - Jack Frost is nipping at my nose, toes, and a$$

Wow! It's cold. Last night, the temperature dropped and I walked from the bus stop home. I walked not more than ten minutes and my fingers were frozen.

I can't wait for this weather to be over, lately these days, I'm inspired to just stay in and not do much. And I feel like the world is passing me by. It's crucial, I don't feel like seeing much theater. ::gasp:: This weather must end now!

Well, I should be in anyway doing my school work?

The upside of staying in is being able to catch my Reality TV shows. I'm mad at Joe Millionaire this Monday should have been the final show. There's no need to drag it out another week and make it a two hour special. And then trying to tease the audience with "a twist" at the end of the show. Really. I bet the twist is that Evan Marriott gets slapped. That would be entertaining to watch. Doesn't he look like Cro-Magnon man?

It's a shame that Frenchie Davis got disqualified from American Idol. I'm sure it won't affect her singing career much, look at Vanessa Williams. There is no such thing as bad press, all press is good press.

I will admit that I didn't think that Fredrique was the mole on Celebrity Mole Hawaii and I'm guilty of looking for clues through out all the episodes.

Can't wait to see who Trisha will pick on The Bachelorette next week.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

5:34PM - My Highlights

"First, let's get some housekeeping items out of the way" That phrase always amuses me when I attend a conference or seminar. Hee Hee.

At Symphony Space these next few weekends until April 6th they are having a wonderful program called Singular Visions: Double Features it's A 13 week series celebrating independent voices in film since the '80'. Check it out at the website. http://www.symphonyspace.org.

This past Saturday I caught the double feature of Pedro Almodovar. I saw The Flower Of My Secret and my personal favorite of his All About My Mother. I had seen the later on video but wanted to experience it on a movie screen, and it made a difference. I really enjoyed The Flower of My Secret it was funny and poignant. After I saw the two movies, I decided to travel to Lincoln Center Cinemas and see his newest movie Talk To Her. I have to say, at the risk of sounding like "a film student" it was cool seeing a trio of his movies. I was able to see reoccurring themes and it even seemed like there was a symmetry between all of his films. But, I'll stop my dissertation.

Finally saw the movie Chicago. The movie was wonderful and entertaining. Chicago the Musical is one of my favorite musicals so, I felt threatened by the movie. However, I approve (you know the producers can rest easy now. LOL!!) It's not the musical but it's acceptable. Plus kudos to R. Gere for his tap dance number!

Speaking of tap dance, my tap dance class is going well. Only three more weeks left. I don't know if I'll continue. I want to get back in to taking my jazz and ballet classes. Gotta try to whip my body back into shape by summer.

School is going well. The semester didn't start of too well. I had to appeal a grade from last semester. I succeeded and the teacher is changing my grade, not before he had to get his digs in, during my meeting with him, in his office. Ask me if I care, I got what I wanted. Gotta love school and all this academic hazing. No, no sarcasm here.

I'm off to have dinner with friends

Current mood: calm

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

4:24PM - My Belated Thanks!

It's been a while so I'll make this short and sweet...like me!!!
Thanks to you all for my birthday wishes. I spent my actual birthday with my cousin and her husband. We went to the movies and he made me mash potatoes. Long story! However, it was my request.

School started. At first I didn't like my schedule it's two nights a week at 6:45PM. I'm going to use the time between work and class to read, study and all the good stuff.

I've been logging in my share of reality tv shows, High School Reunion, The Surreal Live, Joe Millionaire, The Bachelorette, and American Idol.

Lastly, I just saw on the EOnline website that March 2nd begins the new season of the Anna Nicole Smith show.

Friday, January 10, 2003

2:56PM - I"m getting the skirt @ the Gap

On Monday evening, I went in the Gap to kill some time before meeting my friend Linda for dinner. I found a pair of cream pants for (what I thought was ) $19.99 and the jean skirt with the slit in the front on sale for $19.99 marked down from $44.00.

Got to the register to charge my purchases and the woman said $67.00.
"What?" was my very polite response to the my grand total. I inquired about the pants that I thought were on sale but, really was $48.00. Of course, the exact same pants in navy were all marked $19.99. And the pants I picked up to purchase were on the sale rack. As we all know, if you've shopped for more than a day doesn't mean it's on sale. However, I thought the odds were in my favor. It was on the sale rack, in the sale section and the other color of the same style were on sale.

So, at that point, I decided that I didn't need the pants or the skirt and didn't get anything.

Well, I had dreams about the skirt all week. So, I decided to wait until payday, today to purchase just the skit. Unless the pants are on sale too!

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